Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, prof. Brandes will not be able to deliver the workshop on Sunday. However, if you are interested in learning more about visone, please come to the second session of the School of Code on Monday, 1:20pm – 2:40pm, in Conference Room “B”. Ulrik Brandes will give a 40 minute presentation of the tool and will discuss its research potential.

Visone is a free tool for network visualization and analysis. Its primary focus is on research and teaching of network analysis. It offers novel visualization layouts for large networks, provides means of analyzing unconfirmed relations, and supports complex analysis of event networks.

ulrik.brandesVisone will be presented by its creator, prof. Ulrik Brandes. Professor Brandes needs no introduction in the SNA community. He is the author of countless papers on graph visualization and graph algorithms, his work has been published in top scientific journals and conferences. His contribution to the field includes the most popular algorithm for betweenness computation, the idea of social clocks, and numerous advances in graph visualization techniques.