How to get to Wrocław from other European countries ?

Wroclaw is easily accessible from major airports all over Europe.

Please, click on this link or route map placed below to check desired flights.

Here you can find the airport guide.

How to get from the Wrocław airport to the conference venue ?

There are few ways to get to the conference venue or to Wrocław University of Technology.

Public transport

You can check on site JakDojade what would be the best route using public transport.

There is also a mobile application “jakdojade” available for Android/iOS/Windows Phone smartphone.


There are always Taxis near the Wrocław airport entrance ready to take you where you want to go.

To check current fare rate from Wrocław airport to Wrocław University of Technology use this site.

Good to know words in Polish:

Lotnisko – Airport
Autobus – Bus
Taxi – Taxi
Hotel – Hotel
Ulica – Street
Politechnika – Wrocław University of Technology

Info about Wrocław

Please, check this site.

Emergency and information telephone numbers.

What if there is no connection from your airport to Wrocław ?

There are two additional airports located in Krakow and Warsaw which also can be used to fly to Poland.

How to get from Warsaw/Krakow to Wrocław using train ?

When you arrive at Warsaw or Krakow you can get to Wrocław by train.

Visit the official site of Polish railways to check timetables for desired connection.

Additionally here you can find information about main train stations for Warsaw an Krakow.

How to get from Warsaw/Krakow to Wrocław using bus ?

You can also get to Wrocław using bus transport.

Check the Polish Bus official site for details.